5 Lessons Learned

1.Try a rod before buying it; those that know me are aware of the rod I bought on a whim. I even got a discount after mailing the owner of Fulling Mill. It is a Fulling Mill Ti4 Fly Rod 9ft 4 Piece #5 rod. Looks lovely, I fished with it once and did not take to it immediately so have not used it again. To be fair I should fish with it properly but do so like my old trusty Greys that I just don’t have the heart to fish with a different rod (other than my Tea Stick Bamboo).

2.If you fly does not come out the bush after the first couple of tugs, go after it- don’t bother pulling again as you will weaken your tippet even if you do manage to get it out. If you do keep on pulling then you will lose your fly to a rather nice trout making you damn your luck when in fact it had nothing to do with luck but stupidity.

3.No matter how many flies you tie you will always have “only one” of that essential fly in your box- you will then lose it in a tree. (see previous)

4.I get panicky when wading- so why did I buy rubber soled wading boots? Oh yea it is because I walk to the river, even though my last felts lasted the test of time….kind of. I suppose the trade off was between saving £25 or slipping every few steps and spooking every trout in a hundred yards- hmmm gimme the cash I said to myself.

5.Look at a rooster cape before buying it- if you are going to spend over £25 on some feathers make sure you don’t buy it mail order. I know some people have managed this and won, unfortunately I was not one of them. I did manage to get a nice cape from Ebay but seemingly they are not shipping feathers across the pond anymore.


  1. Gareth Lewis · October 10, 2006

    haha Spot on Alistair!!!

    So so very true!

  2. windknotter · October 10, 2006

    Hi Alistair,

    Yes, I can empathise with your sentiments. By the way, what Grey’s rod do you fish with? I saw someone on the fly forum moaning about Greys rods the other day, but I’ve been quite happy with my Greyflex MII

  3. Murdock · October 10, 2006


    You are wise beyond your years. If only I had all the money I have spent on things I’ve never used more than once on the creek.

  4. Alistair · October 10, 2006

    Hey windknotter,

    I have the old Greys GRX 8’6 4/5 weight…2 piece. I see more bad things about it than good things. It is very nice with a soft action, it plays trout very well and I love it as my go too dry fly rod (when I am not using my bamboo)


  5. George · October 10, 2006

    Hi Alistair,
    Just wanted to say hello since we’ve not spoke in a wee while. Looks like its time for me to clean the rod n stuff and put away for next season.
    And, when done, the materials and the boxes will be returning to the desk .. got to fill em up :o)

    Hope to catch up soon … hello to ” THE BOSS ”

    George :o)

  6. Alistair · October 10, 2006

    Hi George :))

    I have decided to prolong my season by going after Pike and Grayling, at least to tide myself over untill next season…..needless to say when I told SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED that I would not in fact be putting all my gear up into the attic she was not exactly shall we say pleased.

    She was bloody raging in fact.

    Ah….married life !!


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