25 days until the season opens – buy this book!

Seriously, if there is one book you are thinking of buying then buy this one – until next week when I tell you to buy another one.

(The image is an affiliate link to Amazon)

Essentially the book breaks down the UK hatches into Spring, Summer and Autumn detailing what artificial flies you can use to cover all possible insects – the aptly named “Dirty Dozen”.

I like this book as it is easy to read and reminds me of what the insects are when I find them on my hands. Plus it gives you extra brownie points when you tell your fellow fly fisherman the Latin name for insects.



  1. I got this book a few years ago. It’s quite good, and there’s some useful snippets about how to fish the patterns he suggests. It didn’t improve my latin, but it explains why you don’t need hundreds of patterns in your fly box.

  2. I got this book from my brother for Xmas a couple of years ago. Changed my fishing from a kind of vague “chuck out something that resembles what everyone else is using” to actually getting the feeling I had a clue. Oh, and I started to catch more fish.

  3. Mike – that sure is a nice way to say I swear a lot 😀

    Alex – Yup, it is not really a “how to” book but a great pointer to what you kinda should be doing.

    Ian Mac – Aye, it fills you with a bit more confidence when you know the reason why you are not catching fish too 🙂

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