Billions of them

I headed out last night for a few hours. 

I went straight to my local sea trout mark however a burn was running high and brown mud was pouring into the loch. I fished around it as much as I could however eventually decided to head elsewhere. 

The temp was hovering around 15 degrees […]

Like a Release!

Pretty much as soon as we were able to, I went fishing!

During the whole lockdown my life pretty much did not change, it only got around 10 times harder. The family got up in the morning, got dressed – my wife went to work in the hospital and I dropped the kids off […]

Something I posted over at the Kelvin Fisher’s facebook page.

Hiya, I have been fishing the Kelvin now for over twenty years and writing about fishing it over at for the majority of that time. I was the main drive towards “social media”for the Kelvin – some of you can remember the infamous Kelvin Forum wars we had and some of the characters […]