Friends of the River Kelvin gala day + misc report!

Ok- so I have missed out a few sessions on the kelvin however you have really not missed much. On my last post I was sitting by the river waiting for dusk and monster trout to rise – it did not happen – to add insult to injury I left a lovely box of newly […]

On the kelvin…

I am sitting by the river waiting for dusk. There has been a lot of fly life but none of the big trout rising……..yet!

Attack of the Rottweilers

So I am just back from the Kelvin – before I tell you about the session I thought I would tell you my experiance with the dogs – I have the best scary dog story to beat anyone now – you see lots of guys down the Kelvin complain about the dogs and dog walker […]

Pike Trip

This was as exciting as it got…

Kelvinography – Coachtrimming & Upholstery

Was out for a walk the other day and noticed a classic case of Kelvinography just a few mins from my house…

[singlepic id=110 w=520 h=440 float=center]

You got a coach needed some new seats?

Named after the Kelvin baby – that’s right the Kelvin.

You can check out some more Kelvinography here