Kelvin AGM – Faith Restored!

This will be a quick post as I drove to the AGM directly from the airport and am currently sitting in bed writing this.

My faith has been resolved in that when the push came to shove the members of the Kelvin Angling Association agreed that the only way forward was to keep the current […]

Kelvinography – A boozer and a couple of birds!

Two photos kindly submitted by Peter D in the forum – A boozer called “Kelvin Dock” and then a photo of the actual “Kelvin Dock” with a couple of what looks like giant vultures waiting to steal some fish next to it (you can post if you know what the birds are)

[singlepic id=95 w=320 […]

Urban Fly Fisher’s alternative Newsletter for the 2010 AGM

Seeing as how I do not get a spot to say my piece in the Newsletter before the AGM I thought I would post it here – also I get to say whatever the hell I want as I am no longer an office bearer – sweet!

Having a baby has […]

Tenuous Fishing Photos 6/52

A pair of waders, a strong light and a tube of Aquasure:

I hate having a cold crotch!

My preparations for the new season has started – I went on the hunt for small leaks in my waders today – a short 10 minute job which identified some pin prick holes caused […]

Does Hardy’s brand suck?

You know – a thought struck me the other day – I know absolutely nobody that owns a Hardy fishing rod.*

I am not talking about hand me down rods or older rods bought on eBay – I am talking about brand new rods (and reels for the matter) that people are […]

Kelvinography – Bricks

A picture of a Kelvin Brick sent in my Alasdair P

[singlepic id=97 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Anyone know the history of these bricks?

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