El Conio The Magnificent

What do you get if you cross some first year art school students with some litter and a traffic cone? You get “El Conio The Magnificent” an explanation of how traffic cones end up in the River Kelvin. Oh to be a student again – it was a simpler time!

Fly Tying – Milngavie Style!

So I decided I needed some contact with other anglers and the best place for that was at the fly tying class along at Milngavie (rather than standing in the freezing cold chasing Grayling, some people might say actual fishing for a change) – an added bonus was that Jim from Palewatery was visiting to…

Kelvinography – Kelvin Court

Submitted by Jim (lazy get’ could not even take a new picture and that is with him being a fancy pants photographer) Kelvin Court, viewed from beneath the railway bridge in Great Western Road, 1955. [singlepic id=96 w=320 h=240 float=center] Designed by J N Fatkin of Newcastle, Kelvin Court was built 1937-1938 and consisted of…

Mechanic Needed Urgently!

Need work on Motor – will pay in cash and flies! (and possible sweet spots)

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It is cold – I want to see an olive.

One month until the start of the season and it is still very cold. I am currently wondering if the temperature is going to rise and give us a good start to the season. The first fly we should all be looking out for are “Large Dark Olives” – an absolutely lovely wee insect: The above…

Kelvinography – kinda!

I am assuming that hardly anyone happened to see the Kelvin Angling Association in the news probably because the only people that knew about the opening day event were the people that were there – nothing sinister – STV just dont give much notice about whether they will give you air time or not. However…