The River Home

Here is a good book. It is called The River Home by Jerry Dennis

From the Publisher Join Jerry Dennis On A Journey Down THE RIVER HOME “When you’re rooting around in the water or the woods, miles from the nearest strip mall and office complex, nobody is likely to judge you by your clothing […]

Whet the appetite!

So a few weeks back, Mike, a guy who I have fished with a few times sent me some pictures of Grayling that he caught. Absolutely lovely looking fish and impressive sizes too.

I am afraid i have still to catch a grayling, but to be honest I have never […]

A new season a new look !

Was not sure if this actually warrented a post but I have decided on a new theme for the blog. That is in fact theme and not topic, hell if you come here regular like you will know what I am on about.

Did you know?

The famous physicist William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin was created Baron Kelvin in honour of his achievements, he was named after the river that flowed passed Glasgow University. The Kelvin temperature scale, was named after the little river that I catch trout out of, it was named after its creator Lord Kelvin.

That is what […]

Harelaw-the second coming!

See that, that was a play on words that was! It could have been good. We had planned this for a while…..well I suppose if I was to say fortnight then it wouldn’t be the same so I will say “a while” instead. At least we had been talking about doing a bit of […]

This is terrible!!

Somehow this really upset me. I was looking at those pictures thinking how lovely it looked. Claire regulary travels up to Dundee and I was thinking about her dropping me off for a couple of hours..Well, just read the whole thread to see what happened :/

Return to Harelaw!

You might remember the last time I went stockie bashing myself and Alex went to Harelaw trout fishery. You might remember that after a day of absolute madness I was then ill for a few days after it. Its all happening again people, this Saturday a boat is booked, the weather is to be […]