A monkee view of the kelvin

Here is a monkeys view of fishing the Kelvin…enjoy!

Feel free to leave a comment of any others 🙂

AGM 2006

So the AGM actually went quite well. Firstly I though that absolutely no one was going to speak up but then someone did….and you know…what they said made perfect sense! After last seasons “extension of the salmon season” proposal, some guys proposed that for the last month of the season it should be mandatory […]

Nice day today!

You know, today was almost like a spring day. I mean there was still a nip in the air and next week we could all be knee deep in snow but really, it was nice, there were flowers budding on some trees and some shoots coming up from daffodils. Realistically, looking at this post […]

I need a New Computer !

You may have noticed that the old postings have lessened recently, this is due to my comp being jiggered. Thus I have carefully selected some nice components from ebuyer that will be specifically for a high quality multimedia fishing pc . It is made with a rather nice snazzy case with media slots on the […]

If someones asks about stocking Bows this year!

I think this year at the Kelvin AGM, if someone asks about stocking Rainbows I should plant someone to shout “..and can we stock Great White’s”

Whale in the Thames

Concern grows for stranded whale

Rescuers are growing increasingly concerned for the safety of a seven-tonne whale, stranded in the River Thames in central London.

Riverside crowds gathered throughout the day to watch the 16-18ft (5m) northern bottle-nosed whale swim as far upstream as Albert Bridge by Chelsea.

Hope it makes […]

Kelvin AGM 26th January

OK OK…its the 26th January in Partick Burgh Halls……sorry sorry !!

Oh and by the way the lack of posts are too do with my computer being jiggered.

Kelvin AGM

So I went into the Glasgow Angling Centre today with a friend too pick up some fly tying gear and look at the wading boots. I have decided that seeing as how my last pair decided to kill my stocking foots I would not risk it this season.

Anyway, the Kelvin AGM […]


I enjoy looking through my logs and seeing what new sites are linking to me, I now count quite a few. Everyone who has a website or blog should take the time to do this as well as have their own links page. It is only good grace that once you have checked out someone […]

Fly Tying at home !

So seeing as how the old diet started yesterday I thought that today I would start my other New Year resolution and get my fly tying gear out. I set up my rather nifty mag lamp and tied up a few Knlinkhammers and some CDC Blue Winged Olives.