1st Visit to the Kelvin of 2007

So toninght I am driving down to Birmingham to see some family. I managed to wangle my way out of work early so instead of tidying up my house I decided to do what any normal fly fisher would do with mounting laundry responsibilities – I went fishing.

I would like to say I caught a trout but instead I went for a nice wander and spoke to a few chaps fishing with bait.

I arrived at the water around 2pm- I got the feeling I was a little late and considering I only seen a couple of trout rising I think I was correct. The actual river is at a nice height bust still has that dark winter look about it.

I did get a couple of trout rising to my dry fly at this little spot.

But I was either to slow or they were just splashing the fly so never actually made contact – they soon stopped.

Later I walked along the river looking at all the pools that have changed. I took a picture of this bridge that goes over the Kelvin

…as I found a photograph from around 100 years ago that I found interesting. In fact I love looking at old pictures of the Kelvin as you can see how the river has changed over the years.

I think showing you all the photographs I have collected may be for another post though.

My next trip out will be Monday!


  1. Very cool. I love historical pictures, and the area of Maine where I sometimes go has many examples of the kind of “before and much, much after” kind of photography above.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Likewise, Tom. It’s amazing how much the river has changed.
    Sometimes I wonder about what the Kelvin would be like had it been left to it’s natural state, untarnished by mankind’s grubby, uncouth hands.
    Then reality kicks in as a trout splashes behind a submerged wheelie-bin!


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