“Get back to sleep its a damn hobby!!

Pssst!! Ive worked it out…if I say im going to go fishing tommorow then something will happen that will stop me….So once I had spent the day fixing my mates comp I then came home played some computer games and tied up some flies. Im getting quite into this cdc stuff as well as using rabbit fur for dubbing. For my other grey dusters I had been using a little bit of dubbed grey wool….and you know something? it was absolute pap and pretty hard to dub whilst the rabbit fur is really easy and gives the body of the fly a nice kind of “hairy” look to it. Tommorow I will, possibly actually take a couple of photos of my efforts so far as long as i dont get a slagging, just remember these are still in my first couple of dozen flies after many years away from fly tying…. (and when i was young i was bad as well)

Waders did not arrive today iether, How long do you think I should wait before i phone them up? I mean how long is reasnable, I sent them……….last thursday and they got them on the friday…….hmmmm I suppose thats only really given them like 2 full working days….suppose i musnt grumble (but I will anyway, under my breath, muttering)

Sometimes I think im obssesed, I mean I know I get obssessed about stuff, but hey whats wrong with that? Around a month ago I woke up in the morning it was around 6am, Claire was going to be getting up soon to go to work and i had went to bed at around 1am after drinking half a bottle of wine, I felt bad, like really bad…..I woke up and could see that it was a nice day, overcast and looked promising. I sat up in bed and held on to my head…it felt all muggy and horrible….Claire asked me what i was doing…..i said I had to get to the river but I felt terrible……..Claire said ” get back to sleep its a damn hobby”!!

Some people just dont folllow the drift man!