Yay, rain!!

So myself and a few friends have been hitting the Kelvin and our other favourite river quite a bit the last week. They have all been short notice trips which is a change from our usual begging lifts or getting the bus places. I went further upstream on the Kelvin a couple of weeks ago but alas did not get any joy, the river was crying out for some rain. The rain did come which in true Kelvin style has put it out of action. Yesterday I headed down to our other river seeing as how the Kelvin was out of action .We found it too was affected by the rain and was a good deal higher than normal with a colour of peat to it.
Alex picked up fish straight away to his dry fly whilst I took a while to get started. In fact I thought it was going to be a case of the angler’s curse- a common phenomenon where two anglers using the exact same technique and flies get totally different results. While I was covering water gloomily without a trout even looking at my fly Alex was hauling them in like a commercial trawler. It wasn’t long before I finally started to pick up fish by fishing the edges in the riffles- this stroke of enlightenment came after consulting a little guest.
On the way back walking through a field Alex stumbled upon his fly box lying in the side of a filed that he had lost last week- he was both happy and sad as he had just spent around 50 pounds on new flies!
Tonight I headed up to one of the Kelvin tributaries that I fish. A strange couple of hours with lots of smallish fish caught- in fact I think they were mostly par…

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  1. Anglers Lounge · August 21, 2006

    Looks like a nice catch.

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