Winterfest Pike Fishing

The North Glasgow Fly Dressers decided to have a winterfest day out fishing for Pike on a trout loch not far from Glasgow. “Stuffed full of em'” Alberto said – I thought it may be too cold – “it is not about the fishing” he said – “it is about the company and chat – about being sociable”.


Of course – he bolted after his bacon roll to leave all of us casting like maniacs in sub zero temperatures. To be fair good chat, hot soup and scotch pies n’ beans more than made up for the lack of fish.

I wore my polar buff like a balaclava, with my hat on – I also wore my new thermal long johns from Marks n’ Spencers.


I also learnt some interesting things about buying reservoirs from Scottish Water. Firstly you must obtain a structural survey every 5 years for any Dam you have, if it is in poor repair then the club is responsible for any repairs. Secondly you may well have a running battle with people trying to steal stuff from you; someone actually stole the walkway out to their pipe. Thirdly, it is a running battle with poachers – people just wanting to spin or bait fish for trout. Even when they are told it is a private loch they hang around waiting for the paying members to leave. 


After lunch the temperature plummeted – I reckon the cold snap would be causing the Pike to be sitting morosely in their beds not even thinking of fishing. This was when one of they guys got a split cane salmon rod out for a cast – the beast had not been cast in around 35 years – to be fair he did not have a fly on it however the irony of fishing for Pike in a trout loch with a double handed split cane salmon rod made me smile. 


All in all a good day – nice to be casting for the beasts again however I am looking forward to spring days with olives and trout.


  1. scott · December 29, 2008

    Sounds like a nice day alistair, at least im not the only struggling on the pike front.

    This frosty weather certainly makes for beautiful days but aint exactly a blessing fishing wise.

  2. scott · December 29, 2008

    where did that wee thing at the side of my post come from?!?!

  3. Alistair · December 29, 2008

    Where you been trying Scott?
    I reckon we just need a little bit of milder weather and then we should get a little sport with the Pike – of course the next big thing will be post spawn and then of course after spawning – by that point we will all be thinking of the trout.
    Just drove home in freezing fog – I know a few guys are going grayling fishing tommorow I wonder how they will get on !

    The wee thing is an avavtor – I turned them on as they look better than a wee anonymous head – to use your own gravator go to sign up and then away you go!

  4. scott · December 29, 2008

    Ive been fishing a few places, not been to the canal much mind, its usually ok in colder snaps. Im hatching some serious plans for spawning time involving shallow water, poppers and extreme violence!

    I had a fantastic days grayling fishing on the annan on boxing day, should really post a report about it.

    I knew it was an avatar but thought i must have clicked something to activate it haha, definately looks cooler than the blank head.

  5. Harald Hoel · December 29, 2008

    The lake is full of pikes? What is the average weight ?

  6. Cutthroat Stalker · December 29, 2008


    Glad it’s not just on my side of the world where we’re freezing our keisters off (-21 C this morning) and getting skunked. Days like that, it’s definitely about the company.

    Stay warm!

    – scott c

  7. alan atkins · December 29, 2008

    Scott, where were you fishing on the Annan? I have only fished it once at Upper Annandale and it was a raging spate, so a waste of time!

  8. Dougie · December 29, 2008


    It is generally frowned upon to fish for the Pike at spawning time. Please show them some respect and leave them alone to make baby Pike.


  9. Alistair · December 29, 2008

    Hey Dougie – I wonder if Scott means post pawn and after spawn – I have always managed to miss these times however have turned up when the Pike have been spawning – I only worked out they were spawning as they were totally uninterested in feeding – closer inspection and a wander I sussed out what was going on and took some photos (my pike porno never happened) and then headed home.

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