Wilsoning it!

I have been watching John Wilson’s (the Glasgow one not the one that blanked me at the Glasgow Angling Centre) videos on the River Kelvin Fisher’s facebook page (the good one, not the shite one) with a mixture of envy and admiration.

He has been dragging the depths with nymph frenchy style and posting videos of himself catching clunkers from the bottom of the river. It has been great fun. It has certainly kept me amused in my run up to the school holidays meaning a break for me from the hum drum of driving kids to activities etc.

I got tackled up and noticed a squirrel trying to get a fag out of a packet – you don’t see that on the Tay that’s for sure.

Should be vaping!

So I hit the river last night after work – I stomped down to the flint mill running into just one angler and then back up to the rocks pool. I then spooked a few trout before slowly making my way up the river.

I ran into a non angling angler and we had a brief chat – I had just lost a clunker on the dry and could feel things were heating up. He asked if i was using nymphs and I laughed and said I was not into any of that Wilson nonsense. About 3 mins later I was dangling a nymph under a dry and caught this lovely trout..

I then lost another clunker just as dusk was setting in. I managed to spook a dozen trout with my enormous dry fly before going microscopic and then not striking quick or slow enough. Bloody typical!

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  1. Richard · July 2, 2019

    Glad you caught some I hope to be out fishing this week to hopefully there will be some more photos