Wild Weather!

Pouring rain, howling gales, hailstones , snow on the hills – ah yes, the Scottish summer is almost upon us.

It looks set to continue over the next couple of days which means the Kelvin will be messed up for the weekend (probably) – I will be hunting on Sunday for a clearing burn somewhere however in preperation I have been tying up some killer kelvinator flees to try out!


A rather nice selection of troops if I do say so myself!

So who has been fishing, going fishing or just been plain old making plans about fishing?


  1. the roughfisher · May 7, 2009

    I’ve been resorted to “making plans” due to all the rivers remaining in flood stage. I may try and brave it check it out tomorrow, but it will be a low numbers day, if any.

    the roughfisher’s last blog post..Fishful thinking

  2. JimL · May 7, 2009

    Hi Alistair, long time no speak.

    Weekend at the vice or the computer for me mate. I just crossed the Clyde on my way home from nightshift and it’s looking manky, tribs are up and brown too and the weathers horrible right now so the chances of the river heights dropping is slim. Which is a pity as the Grannoms are out big time.
    I might make the upper Clyde with a streamer tied on but I doubt it.

    Flies are looking nice mate, thumbs up.


  3. Paul · May 7, 2009

    Ended up chasing pike yesterday Alistair, but the water was pretty coloured and nothing was happening.Rivers are going to be out of action for a while, the rain is getting even heavier 🙁

  4. Wade · May 7, 2009

    It has been tough to get out there this spring so far. Few pike here and there. But I am doing some planing. I am going on a trip down the Grand Canyon at the end of May with some old raft guide buddies. 16 days and 237 miles of world class whitewater and flyfishing for wild rainbows. I am in process of tying up some troops for the journey.

  5. Stuart B · May 7, 2009

    Just looked out the window at the Cart in Shawlands .High and colour of cocoa …one thing is it goes down quickly if the rain stops but that doesn’t look imminent and it’s pretty windy as well..

    Nice flies Alistair .

  6. mike · May 7, 2009

    Without wising to sound condescending, those flies are beginning to look seriously nice Alistair. Obviously owning about 20 high quality vices has started to make a difference 😉

    A clearing burn somewhere sounds about right..

  7. Mabsy · May 7, 2009

    Blooming windy up north!!
    Just got myself a pontoon boat but she’d get blown away!
    Hope the water drops for ye!

  8. Roddy · May 7, 2009

    Hi Al (and StuartB),
    Well yooz didnae miss much at Ardgowan last Saturday as it was quite windy…the type of wind that handgliders would have appreciated especially if they wanted a quick trip to Norway. Amazingly most of the committee turned out and two other hardy souls. I managed to break one of my rods (not done that for a while) when I had a bow of about five pounds gubbed and almost in the net and after the dull clunking thud of the break the bloody fish got off as well, aagh!
    Regards the wild weather and the White Cart in particular, this river goes down pretty quick and I reckon if the rain buggers off this weekend you’ll be able to fish it by Tuesday.
    Like the fleas Al…gaunie tie me some, pal?

  9. Roddy · May 7, 2009

    Oops, meant to ask has anyone fish the Gryfe Reservoir? As I cannot get any info on it I thought I’d ask around!

  10. Stuart B · May 7, 2009

    (1) Conditions at Ardgowan sound quite misseable
    (2) Well it’s still peeing down here and the Cart is still high and chocolate
    (3) Gryffe Reservoir aka Loch Gryffe ..Is that the one /2? up near Loch Thom?

  11. nicolas valentin · May 7, 2009

    all this makes good reading ,keep the good work !

  12. Roddy · May 7, 2009

    Hi Stuart,
    Frankly I’ve never heard of Loch Gryfe (maybe there is one) but the Gryfe Reservoir is just south of Greenock (up on the moors) and its part of the same system to the river.
    Regards Ardgowan…it was not the warmest of days (although it was not cold, so to speak) but because of the strong wind (south by south west) you were pretty limited to the area that you could fish without battling the elements. Normally I’d fish select the bank where the wind was blowing into but the wind was just a little too strong, so we stuck to the left bank; if that makes any sense to you.
    Yes that Cart will look like tea with a lot of milk for a day or so as long as the rain keeps up, but it’ll drop quite quickly. Incidentally Stuart, Brian at the cricket ground says just let him know when you are coming and he’ll let you in.
    PS, the Snuffmill Group and Friends of Linn Park are having a clean up day on Sunday 17 May from 1 to 3pm: meet at Snuffmill Bridge.

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