Why are all my rivers weirdly white just now?

I had an evening on the Kelvin the other night with the mighty Jim Burns, we both blanked or if we did catch a trout it was nothing to write home about.

Even Jim struggled....

Even Jim struggled….

We fished until dusk and then had a spot of action lasting 20 mins, even though trout were rising we managed to not even hook one of the blighters even though we were sharing the one rod and spotting fish for each other. We both commented on the color of the river, it was looking a bit white. I was reminded of my other urban shite pipe river which when it runs white is totally shite.

This was an interesting thought as I found myself at my other river after work wasting time to miss rush hour today. It was running white which meant no trout were coming to the dry fly so I tried a nymph under a dry.

You can see how white it is in this picture...

You can see how white it is in this picture…

I was fishless until I got to a corner pool and tried a nymph under an indicator, first cast and I lost a trout. Second cast a nice trout was being played. I wandered up until I found another nice pool. The glare of the sun on the water was making it difficult to see my indicator fly, it was not very big as I was actually using an unweighted nymph on maybe less than a foot of leader. I crouched down and spotted the dry dipping under, I struck and a brown belly flashed back at me as a trout took a tour of the pool and put a bend in my rod. I am glad I am making a habit of carrying my net as the beast would have been difficult to unhook otherwise.

What do you give it? a pound?

What do you give it? a pound?

It was pretty tired out and had to be cradled in the water for a bit before it drifted off to the middle of the pool to consider its recent life choices! I thought about refraction of the water, when you see trout in the water they always look smaller than they actually are. When I was playing this trout even though my rod was bent double it still looked half the size.

Trout = Not Amused!

Trout = Not Amused!

I headed back to the car and up the road!

I sit now waiting for my wife to get home so I can possibly catch dusk at the river, it is past eight already! What the hell can keep someone in Costco so long?



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  1. davec · June 12, 2013

    hopefully we,ll get a good spate over the weekend to wash the river out. and try for a salmon got to be piled up in the estuary now. the river on its bones last time i was up monday not had a fish on the bank yet off the kelvin dont target trout though so hammer it this week after our promised rains this weekend.

  2. Theswami · June 12, 2013

    Seems to be all the rage this not writing in sentences I ‘d give you a pound for that doesn’t really count though nymph under a dry fly practically poaching be as well tipping a box of daz in the neck of th pool by the way did you see that boy on GAC fish of the month with the massive trout out of the cart?

  3. davec · June 12, 2013

    whilst fishing the kelvin last year i seen 1 caught of similar size and weight 6lb these fish are not grown on in the river they are returning to the river. slob trout they are known as like the best of both worlds feeding in brackish water and returning to rivers to breed and predate on smaller fish. the town section on the tay is good area for them huge huge broonies and its free to fish from the golfcourse burn to the harbour use the tazmnian devil and youll get 10 of them a season and 30 others a day .

  4. Alistair · June 12, 2013


  5. The Glazert is the same, every so often it looks cloudy, as if something is being washed into it. Strangely enough the stretch of river where I live seems to be barren now as I have not seen a single rise this year. Last year they were rising all over the river.

  6. Alistair · June 12, 2013

    You been out at dusk?

  7. Old Fly Fishing Fart · June 12, 2013

    Yes, the river runs down at the bottom of my garden so pretty much see it at all times of the day. Recently spotted a few rises but nothing like in recent years.

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