Whiting Golden Badger!!

So I got my Whiting Golden Badger saddle today….im very impressed. I knew the actual hackles would be longer but they are ridiculously long and thin you really can tell the difference in quality. It cost just under 15quid and i got it off ebay sent from the states. The colours are simply fantastic…..im going to tie up a couple of……wait for it…..Grey Dusters… thats right 🙂 !!!! I will posts some picks of my efforts as well.

I have been getting a few emails about the blog recently that made me realise that some people do not follow that my blog is part of a bigger picture as it were. This blog is my diary of course but if you head over to Urban Flyfishing on the Kelvin you can see some more pictures of the river and some of the little stretches that I fish.

I dont seem to have fished the river in ages now….at least in a couple of weeks, what with being ill and the river being in crap condition. I passed by it today and it looks pretty good. Im working the next couple of days and hopefully if there is no more rain (a little is ok) then i will blitz it next week. Im also hoping to target some Sea Trout as well so if the going is fair i will do a spot of night fishing. If anyone fancies a bit of targeting the Kelvin at night drop me a line or leave a comment. I think it may be best to go down in pairs, sometimes there are some dodgy characters around. Not that Im ever really bothered by them I usually think that if you look like an angler they will not bother you, they will just give you a bit of banter whereas if you are just a bloke carrying a fishing rod they will nick it off you! Always be pleasant to people you meet when urban angling, even if they look like a dodgy character, exchange the time of day and have a chat. They will remember you as someone ok…….everyone loves a lover and an angler!!!

Im still planning heading down to the Allander at some point. The Allander is a tributory of the Kelvin. Ive walked it a couple of times but never fished it. Well thats not strictly true i fished it when i was a lot younger using a worm letting it trot down, caught a few fish as well…….. but in my younger years I didnt really have a clue what i was doing. Unlike now when i can fake it particulary well!

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  1. Web Gecko · July 3, 2004

    The only hackle I use is Whitings. I don’t like the weird shape of the Metz and Keuogh hackle. Besides, Tom Whiting is a fellow Coloradian! (Hes a very nice fellow.) You should see his micro barb saddles. Hackle down to a 24! He’s also experimenting with raising Jungle fowl. .. that is years away, but its fair. And his Coq de Leon is getting here, makes awesome tailing.

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