1. Simon Graham · November 18, 2008

    Yeh saw this yesterday,insane.What a rush.Its inevitable some people are going to complain…..but thats the world these days..innit!

  2. Campbell S · November 18, 2008

    I must admit i have a lot of respect for these guys, when I was younger and abit more insane I would have probably been up for that. I managed to spend a season being a waster in canada snowboarding dropping of things and putting my life in danger all in the name of fun. Good times!

    Now I just want to stealth into unfished waters…….

  3. Andy C · November 18, 2008

    that would b some buzz doing that

  4. Stuart B · November 18, 2008

    Don’t tell NuLab about this .They’ll ban it . Can’t have folk enjoying themselves can we? 🙁

  5. Charlie dunn · November 18, 2008

    A mad kayaker went over the falls at q.m.d in august when the river was in spate-and got flipped right over as soon as he hit the other side.He then got dragged out of it by the ferocious current,and him and the kayak got tossed and rolled all the way into the towpath side that me and john were standing watching from.He looked like he had shit himself when we were helping him out(aye,thats right-sometimes you got to clear the pools of people as well!),but he just thanked us,jumped back into his kayak and pissed of downstream!

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