What a weekend!

It has been pretty much non stop fishing from early Saturday morning until now – Sunday late afternoon.


We had a crazy plan to try and catch 4 species – Pike, Trout, Sea Trout and Mackerel. It turned out we enjoyed fishing for the trout just a little too much and so missed out the Pike totally and blanked on the Mackerel.

Trout were intermittently rising to flies so I stuck with using a nymph under an dry indicator – it proves most effective. I was using my Orvis “Trout Bum” 4 weight – with this little rod these trout went bannanas!

In fact I am actually starting to get the hang of it now – I can see why people use it so much..

Like I say – we enjoyed our trout fishing a little too much…

The Evening

Later, we left Glasgow behind to try and catch a Sea Trout in the salt. I used my 8/9 weight rod however I reckon I quite fancy getting myself a true 8 weight as it would have been ideal – possibly even a 7 weight. In fact I would have used my 7 weight if I could have found my reel which I think I have lost somewhere – this does not bode well…..It makes it all the harder when I browse aroundthe net and come across nice Orvis Outfits such as this which would do the job just nice…

We took the spinning gear as well however they were shunned by the fish as they were pretty keen on our flies. I thought back to when we were getting organised – I think we all secretly thought the action would be on the spinners..

– I got a Sea Trout and so did my fishing buddy. No pictures unfortunately as at the moment it is sizzling away on my BBQ.

As soon as I find my reel I will be going back to this place…..we got home at 0230 and I had to get up for 0600……After my Sunday chores I decided to hit the Clyde again for trout……well, I will tell you about that later.


  1. Paul · June 15, 2008

    Great stuff Alistair.Sounds like a top weekend.Had a good day up the Clyde today,hope you did too.

  2. The Trout Underground · June 15, 2008

    I’m amazed you survived the trip being as you’re driving on the wrong side of the road. Is everybody over there crazy?

  3. scott · June 15, 2008

    sounds like an awesome trip!, would love a go at fly fishing in the salt this year, apparently the mackerel are real scrappers!

  4. Alistair · June 15, 2008

    Paul – yep – I have still to write up that trip..

    Tom – Just a little Tom, just a little !

    Scott – I have still never caught a mackerel…like ever – most people seem to start out on them – I must admit I did enjoy fishing in the salt on Saturday altough I was paranoid about the salt getting everywhere…

  5. nicolas valentin · June 15, 2008

    Its my turn today !would love to be part in the next trip with you all !!seems you had a great evening ,the expectation in your faces was immense !what a good bunch of guys you are all !!lets go fishin now …rhu !my turn !

  6. C Stewart · June 15, 2008

    Nice pics. Looks like we may get some much needed rain this week……..

    Salty seatrout looks fun, that’s on my list.

    Glad to see you still have the Orvis endorsement(c;

  7. scott · June 15, 2008

    Ive never fished the sea before for anything, i reckon im gonna try and fish one of the clyde sea lochs soon though for the mackerel, just read earlier on that the record is over 6lbs! had no idea they got that big!

  8. alan atkins · June 15, 2008

    A great exploratory trip, the potential is good and hopefully soon we should get in amongst the larger st’s

  9. Alistair · June 15, 2008

    @Nicolas – I caught my Sea Trout on the fly you recomended – one of those long things.

    @C Stewart – I thought you were my wife posting for a min there 😉 The way I see it I have never had a bad Orvis product – I am a hard person to please but somehow they managed it!

    @Scott – That was my first time as well – most enjoyable I heartilly recomend it !

    @ Alan – and now we are set for the 25th July for the Sea Beasts in the river – I need to find that 7 weight reel!

  10. Michael Woo · June 15, 2008

    Alistair – Sounds like a brilliant day out, still to try the Mackeral on the fly (not 6 feather chucking).

    Nicholas – How the heck are you, haven’t seen you on the Kelvin. Catch up soon!

  11. Alex · June 15, 2008

    Nicolas – great to meet you last week, and thanks for the advice you gave us. We had a fantastic evening!

    Alistair – congrats on the fish. Definitely looks like the same trout to me. Did you catch it in exactly the same spot? It’s great to see you finally turning to the dark side, with great results!!

  12. Alberto · June 15, 2008

    Oops!!!! what about sunday fishing after midnight on Saturday even in the sea and possibly a LLAIA permit for the estuary. Ardmore point is also a good spot for mackeral and sea trout. Enjoy

  13. nicolas valentin · June 15, 2008

    The sea trouts are still there !what a place !

  14. Stuart B · June 15, 2008

    Just remeber if you are buying a LLAIA Big Ticket and you are buying one for the first time it is an extra £25 on top of the £160 and next year the £25 goes up to £50. How they justify a 100% increase is beyond me ..in fact how they justify the £25 is beyond me .

  15. nicolas valentin · June 15, 2008

    Went to (that place )last night and had the best sea trout fishing in my life !as soon as the light disappear the sea trouts became really active ,it was not too long before i had my first one .a little one for starter !the fish wee splashing everywhere and some nice one too !then luck struck ,14 inch fish landed .later on as the night progressed a 2lb fish took my fly well enough to bring perfect happiness .A16 inch fish ,a true bar of silver !absolute cracker !the picture are on my Flickr photo site …….flickr .com nicolas valentin .

  16. Alistair · June 15, 2008

    Sounds great Nicolas – what state was the tide?

  17. nicolas valentin · June 15, 2008

    the tide was at the highest as I started fishing ,but in that place I don’t think it will really matter ,the less light ,the better !

  18. Alistair · June 15, 2008

    Yea Nicolas I had thought that anyway – I was just interested – what was the wind like?

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