Wet Wet Wet

Yes, wet wet wet – not the dodgy 80s group but more the fact it has rained pretty much all day. When I say pretty much I mean all day. Looking at the weather forecasts last night I knew things were going to be grim, all of them were forecasting heavy rain – they all (for once) got it right.

I arranged with a couple of pals to go to the Clyde but we all decided it was not going to be worth it. Instead I went to the upper reaches of a Kelvin tributary. I thought it might be fishable in the breaks in the rain.

Turned out I thought wrong.

Whilst casting aimlessly who should turn up on the way to a BBQ (indoor) but Emanuele the dry fly genius who at the moment is spending a lot of time with his new baby. He was one of the ones who was supposed to be joining me but decided against it to store up fishing points. He looked at my outfit- almost apologetically I showed him my dry and dropper (I can hear Alex cackling from somewhere) If he thought a dry and dropper was scraping the barrel he should have stuck around  for the main event which was when I fished a bloody great streamer through some deep pools. I never caught anything.On my way back I stopped in at the fish pass – it was a raging torrent – I did not see any Salmon.

No fishing until next week probably, I am at training all week.

Leave comments and let me know how you are all getting on. In fact here is a thought, seeing as how I am going to be out of action for the week you can all send me pictures of your trout (or Salmon, I am not overly fussy) and I will post them. Does not have to be a local river, I know you chaps in the states come here to read a bit of Kelvinator action.
Simply use the contact form to send me a quick email and I will get right back to you – I usually check my emails at around 5pm GMT

Looking forward to it !