Well, if that was the Summer…

If that was the Summer I wonder what the Winter will bring – I am already starting to get geared up for Pike. But more of that laster in the Month.

It is a funny old world when you have high expectations about somewhere and they are dashed. Gareth travelled all the way from Wales to Scotland to fish some of our “famous” trout rivers only to be pretty much skunked due to the weather the whole time he was here.

Just like that situation myself and a couple of pals fished the Lamington stretch of the Clyde on Saturday – we have heard it is  a famous stretch with regular big trout being caught, when we arrived there was a half dozen cars at a good access point with lots of anglers prowling up and down the river.


Needless to say I blanked, so did my pal Alan – Alex the nymph machine caught some trout but certainly not a great day to write home blog about. I know there is someone reading this (possibly several) who are thinking to themselves that this is there favourite stretch with great fishing – however for us it just did not work out!

alan atkins
On the way back to Glasgow we decided to check out some other access points, considering how popular this blog is getting I have pretty much decided not to specify exactly where these are – if you fish the Clyde you may recognise them.

Our first stop was at the power station on the Clyde – this picture shows some rather intense rapids – I have got to admit they do not look as impressive as you cannot see the scale of them – but believe me they were pretty big.

power station

So we drove on stopping here and there and peering through the trees – on one stop we spotted an otter swimming around in the river, as we were hiding behind some trees it never noticed us – it was a good sign as it must mean there are plenty trout in the river to keep it well fed.


We also found a spot that is like a larger version of the Kelvin – the water was very green looking and had that same…..well lets just call it an earthy smell shall we.

Annoyingly we only have one month of the season left – should be the best month as the trout should be more aggressive however who knows with this bizarre summer we have had – no evening sessions due to lack of sun, hardly any sedge hatches and I think I only seen one hatch of blue winged olives. What I did see was a hatch of yellow mays in August – rather topsy turvy don’t you think?


  1. Lightyear · September 2, 2007

    Its like any river you fish reguarly, you know where the fish are. In the first photo you are about 25ft from big fish! I am sure you know where all the fish are in the Kelvin?

  2. Alistair · September 2, 2007

    Hey Lightyear,

    Yup, exactly the point I am making. I suppose there are places on the Kelvin and the Clyde which I know are dependable and much less busy so why bother fishing another stretch.
    I was considering getting a ticket next year but with the 30 odd miles of UCAPA water still to be explored I am not so sure !

    How have you faired this season ?

  3. Alex · September 2, 2007

    Turvy Topsy indeed. It’s the August hatches of yellow MAYS and MARCH browns that confuses me. Roll on the pike bonanza, at least the toothy critters don’t care what flies are in season – as long as they are gaudy, intimidating, and tied on a 4/0 hook!

    ps I got my new top section for the 8-weight today, well chuffed!!

  4. Haresear · September 2, 2007

    Hi Alistair. The key to success on the Clyde in general is (as you have gathered) getting away from the crowds to get some water to yourself. The bridge in your photo is the most popular access point on the Lamington stretch, but there are still plenty of big fish in that area right by the bridge, as Lightyear says. The problem is that they are constantly being spooked by other anglers.

    I tend to go elsewhere on the Clyde these days.


  5. Alistair · September 2, 2007

    Hi Alex,

    Yup, I am with you on that one – once you get yourself a bit of space there are some cracking fishing to be had on the Clyde – is it my imagination or are there more people fishing the Clyde this year ?


  6. Haresear · September 2, 2007

    I think you are right Alistair. The Clyde is being quite heavily fished this year.

    I have only fished the Lamington stretch a few times this year, because I’ve really only been on the Clyde on Sundays, so that rules Lamington out. Next season should be amazing if we get decent conditions, with the huge number of trout in the river.

    It’s funny that so many people are complaining about having had a poor season, when this has been my best ever by some way.

    All the best, Alex

  7. brian · September 2, 2007

    i spoke to you last week and you told me that you didnt think there were sea trout in the system of the kelvin well i can asure you at the moment the river is full of them, all the best brian.

  8. Alistair · September 2, 2007

    Great news Brian, actually what I said was I dont fish for them so would not know when they ran the river – have you had any of a decent size ?


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