Weekly Water Photo 43 of 52

A day out with the wife and kids on this fine Autumn day.

The kids do not understand the concept of “getting an extra hour in bed”

weekly water picture - 43 of 52


You gain some cred if you can tell me what river this is!


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  1. Stuart · October 30, 2011

    Looks a wee bit like the White Cart at the entrance to Pollok Estate near to Pollokshaws Road .??

  2. Joe Brownisky · October 30, 2011

    Calder in Calderglen Park ?

  3. Alistair · October 30, 2011

    Joe is the winner !!

  4. @thetroutfly · October 30, 2011

    I was thinking about this river on my way to the tackle shop in Aemadale this morning, weird. I’ve never fished it, do you guys think it would make a good day out for a club ?

  5. Alistair · October 30, 2011

    I doubt whether East Kilbride Angling Club would allow it to be honest!

  6. @thetroutfly · October 30, 2011

    thats a shame, we are only a small club and only a few guys go on outings, I’ll check it out anyway.

  7. bill · October 30, 2011

    if interested in fishing the calder,i cant remember off hand what the day ticket is but its about half the season ticket which is only £15
    more information and permits can be obtained from lightbody’s butchers in The murray square east kilbride.i fish the calder at least 2 days a week during the season so if you would like any tips on good spots just gimme a shout,im on this site as tullfan
    all the best (bill)

  8. Alistair · October 30, 2011

    Thanks Bill!