Weekly Water Photo – 19 of 52 (inc. pro tip)

Pro Fucking Tip:  If your pregnant wife is 3 days over her due date and she gives you permission to go fishing no matter what the conditions you just go – no questions!

Got that?


Let us continue…

Let is just say this is the water photo - get that out the way!

Cold and blustery – temps hovering around 12-14 degrees – I seen some Yellow Mays, Sedges and some other olives – also possibly a brook dun. The casting was difficult and I am glad I was using my Sage SLT 5 weight.

All my trout were caught on CDC n Elk’s – final tally was 8 fat trout – biggest around the 3/4 of a pound, it was my second trout and I did not take a picture of it – I think it may have been a stocky due to its huge spots – all the trout fought like devils though putting a bend in the rod and generally going bannanas!


That is all!



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  1. When I saw ” Weekly water photo” anf then saw “If your pregnant wife is 3 days over her due date ” I wondered what on Earth we were going to get .!!!!Glad to see it was just fish !!!

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