weather has been bad

Humph, no fishing the last couple of days, the weather has been bad. I was going to go today but I had the feeling that the river would be too high. Anyway, I took delivery of some rather nice dry flies today from a company called Flying Hooks whom I cant recommend highly enough. I’ve bought flies off him a few times now and every time they have always been tied to a very high standard. Also check out his Auctions there is usually some mighty fine bargains to be had. That’s the thing I don’t like about buying flies out of shops, especially companies like Lureflash I always get the impression that no …….Well care has gone into the tying of them. Whereas these flies are beautifully tied…..If you don’t tie your own buy these
Its now went kind of bright and it looks as if it may turn nice, although I have been conned in the past , the water will still be dirty from the last couple of days rain. I am going to wait until tomorrow morning until I go to the river and that should have given it plenty of time to clear. IM quite exited about that stretch I fished the other day there, I have some spider patterns as well which I will be trying out…….I quite fancy fishing them upstream of myself!!!

I have updated the links section of the site, I have put in only the links that I think will be worthwhile. Incidentally, I have received a few emails from people regarding the site and the Blog already, that is marvelous. Please feel free to drop me a line, I do so enjoy receiving mail that is nothing about penis size!!


ps…….Ive just noticed a spellcheck so with a bit of luck my hoepless spelling should be better now!!