Wacky Weather

Work, study and fly fishing collide – the result, an increase in migraines and twitchy weather watching. The weather has turned into almost spring like conditions, there is hardly any hope of an evening session, and temperatures are too low.

Around a month ago, it feels like ages now, deciding on a small stream seemed like the correct thing to do – turned out it was too low and I caught no trout. However it was still the right thing to do just for the sound of crickets and two deer I startled from the undergrowth.


No sessions on the Kelvin – not had time – either I am going for a full day trip at the weekend or nothing at all. Visited my other river and had a few nice sessions,


 …the last few days have been bad, weather turned even colder.


Thinking of getting a 4 weight rod, must be slow action with a thin blank……might try an Orvis – definetly for next season though.

Strange times, strange times….


  1. jmac · August 12, 2007

    you probably have a rod that you love! dont get into the mind set that you can only have a great rod with an empty wallet! what happened to the cane one?

  2. Alistair · August 12, 2007

    Ah, now – my bamboo rod I use on the smaller sreams that I fish – when I used it on the bigger streams I felt a bit under gunned – my 5 weight is good on the other river that I fish when there is a wind but when there is no wind I could be using a 4 🙂


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