Urban Fly Fisher gets all over Facebook like some bad street art.

Now that Urbanflyfisher has turned the grand old age of a decade I decided that instead of being a grumpy old sod that complains about all the “new” media I should actually embrace some of that shit and created a Facebook Page.

Check that out!

Check that out!

The mighty Jim Burns is on the cover photo seeing as how he is the legend of the Kelvin and I stuck the old trusty shopping trolley as the main pic. The Glasgow Angling Centre gave a big push through their facebook page (thanks Gary) and it has all kicked off.

I am not entirely sure what will happen over there however it should add to the fun this year. If you have not done so already it would be great if you could head over there and “like” the page as I can swap them for sex and money possibly.

I am busy packing up my worldly belongings at the moment and am moving house next week into some temp accommodation supplied by the in laws. Turns out the housing market is not all that bad when your house is sold in a week.

Still, I should get a spot of fishing in.



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