Urban Fly Fisher = Fly fishing blogs to be reckoned with (one of them)

Anyway, I was reeling to find out that Urban Fly Fisher was not included in the 13 fly fishing blogs & e-zines to get you through winter” but then after reading them noticed there was a distinct US bias – and we all know what the US think of us eh?

#Smile# – Only kidding ya!

What did put a smile on my face was being part of the Fishtec list of Fly Fishing Blogs to be Reckoned with by Robin Falvey.

Like I say it is a great list of the best UK fly fishing blogs out there (obviously I got in there due to sheer longevity) – I notice Gareth wrote a nice wee piece on his blog about being in the list  – that guy needs to get married and have some kids – he has far too much fun as far as I am concerned – “Hey Gareth – how about a half dozen of your micro flies?” at the very least it will give me some inspiration and a boost to start my winter tying.

And Mike from Tamanawis is on the list – the only pal I know who looks outside when it is this cold and gets his walking shoes on, picks up a shovel and goes and digs a snow hole for a few days.

Thanks Fishtec!


  1. I noticed the lack of UK blogs on the “13 blogs…” list too.

    Still – and despite the fact that you jammy bastards insist on using a measure of weight for currency (pounds of what??) – the Trout Underground is a friend to all UK blogs, including a bunch on the Fishtec list I hadn’t seen before.

    Congrats for making “the list.”

  2. Alistair, glad to see Urban Fly Fisher on the list too!

    I’m finding it hard to even locate time to breath these days, God help if I got married/had kids! That said though, the whole marriage/kids thing is kind of ‘in hand’.

    You’re always welcome to a few midges though matey 😉 Email your address to the email I’ve attached to this comment and I’ll pop a selection up to you in time for Christmas 😉

    Catch you soon Al’.


  3. Alistair, You’re worried about the reviews on 411#3?! Why? I didn’t even know about the site until you mentioned it. Besides, you’re a better writer, you’ve got a better designed web site, etc. etc., blah, blah, blah,…..so get over it!

    On to more important things,

    “…the blog began before Alistair could drive but now he’s got his wheels,”

    You can drive now? When did this happen?


  4. Terribly sorry if I hurt your feelings, Alistair. But I do take exception to the idea of there being a US bias. Mainly because I’m Canadian…of Scottish descent 🙂

    (And Flatswalker is from Grand Cayman. I believe that hunk of coral used to belong to you chaps, much like most of North America)

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve just subscribed to Urban Fly Fisher via RSS, maybe you’ll make the next list 🙂

    Chuck Graves, play nice. I’m new at all of this; I’ve gone from writing technical reports for exploration projects to writing a fishing blog in the span of three months. I’m not attempting to take over from Shakespeare, Tolstoy or Dickens; I’m just looking to fish & have a jolly good time.

    Take care!

    Mat (of 411#3)

  5. Mat (of 411#3), I apologize for my crass behavior, and I must admit, I did add you to my list of fishing blogs prior to dissing you. Oh and BTW, nice red fish you have there.


  6. I was just razzin’ a bit, Chuck. I have thicker skin than that 🙂

    Fishing for reds was awesome; my first ‘real’ fishing trip & saltwater experience. Highly recommend it

  7. Tom – It gets even more confusing – I once emailed a company in the states and asked them if I could fit some trainers in the backpack I wanted to buy – a few puzzled questions ensued! (trainers over here are your sneakers)

    Gareth – sweet – you coming back to Scotland for a retry?

    Chuck – you always make me blush 🙂 passed my driving test a few years ago – I then spent a couple of seasons heading further afield however am now back to city fishing as having a young family means I would rather have fish time than travel time.

    Mat – Canadian??? That just pulled the rug totally out from under me – It cancelled out my wikileaks jape and now leaves me feeling distinctly sheepish. I have subscribed and am looking forward to reading your thing 🙂

  8. Alistair, email received, I’ll aim to get a ‘sample’ up to you before Crimbo 🙂 And yup, definitely want to return one day. God it seems like a lifetime ago I was up in your neck of the woods. Maybe sometime in the next couple of years I’ll be back up…my bank balance is currently taking a hammering due to house hunting…joy.


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