Trout ‘n’ About

You might remember last week I spoke about that telly programme. Well it is called Trout ‘n’ About and here is the blurb i promised

Meet Paul and Greg – characters with attitude, passion and irreverence and one thing on their minds – trout. Finding them, catching them, eating them.

Fly fishing, the sport of kings and Romans, the love of Vikings and painters. The passion of poets, politicians, actors, musicians, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers…and the most popular participant sport in the UK.

Through six themed programmes, musician Paul Campion and Artist Gregory Rankin journey into the heart of rural Scotland, fishing rods and flies at the ready. Re-thinking the personality-led rural affairs/cookery/travel genre for a new audience, the pair explode the myth that fishing is just a lot of long wet hours on a bank with nought to show for it come the end of the day. In between the hours on the river, we learn all we need to know about the humble trout, meet enthusiasts from punters to celebrities and finish the day with the catch-turned culinary delight all cooked up in the local hostelry.
Trout ‘n’ About will transmit across Scotland in July 2004.

So there you have it!!

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  1. generalape · April 12, 2004

    trout and about – shocking title!! look forward to it tho. inspired by your blog and my discovery of the kelvin the other day into buying a 9′ rod next week and heading for Lewis for some brownie action. My first rod in over 8 years! Then i’ll try this urbam fishing malarky. The river looked great on my run today when the sun broke through – could have sworn i passed you and the good lady riding bikes too…

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