This is it!

The start of the season has not seen me fishing. In fact it has allowed me an opportunity to actually have the choice not to go fishing. Instead I have been looking at all my stuff and deciding that I need a few extras to keep me going. I met fishing buddy Alex down at the GAC and I mentioned that I wanted to get another pair of forceps, he told me that he had a several pairs and I thought to myself he is a wise man. There has been a few times that I have forgotten my forceps and it has been a right pain in the ass when it comes to getting a fly out of a trout. Usually I just turn around and go home as I would rather do that than kill a trout needlessly.

The stuff I bought!

The stuff I bought!

Same goes for snips, I keep mine on a lanyard (actually it is an old T in the Park lanyard) around my neck attached to my forceps so if I forget one I forget them both. So not only cannot I get flies out trout easily I also cannot tie knots properly without a pair of line snips. You can start to see why I just turn around and go home.

Bottom line is I bought some snips, forceps and a new fly box to keep me going.

The temp my friends is low, the forecast is for ultimate shite all week and I doubt a trout will even think about looking up at a dry fly.

How is that for an outlook?



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  1. Marcel · March 17, 2013

    In my latest intercultural exchange with the German peasants of my
    syndicate I learned a new German saying which might apply to you:

    Besser im Wald bei einer Wilden Sau als zuhause bei einer Bösen Frau

    Very roughly translated it means “better at the Kelvin than at home… 🙂 “

  2. partridgerods · March 17, 2013

    Those clearview boxes seem to be all the rage, I managed to get 4 on Ebay for £11.00 (almost got them for £7.50, but some rotten sod came in at the last minute and placed a bid lol). Why don`t you invest in a pair of long point pliers, then maybe one day try and crush the barbs on one fly and give it a go (hopefully you might set a trend). Good luck with your forum, hope it works out ok.

  3. rc47 · March 17, 2013

    Marcel.Might be better traslated as better in the woods with a wild Boar,as at home with a wild wife,but your translation has it’s appeal.Have a good season. 🙂