There has been fishing…

Aye – there has been fishing – a fair few trips if the truth be told – I am split between Pike and Troot at the moment – every time there is a bit of rain I think about Salmon on the Kelvin and then get annoyed about all the pishy nonsense that appears to come because of them – poaching, huge ego’s bashing up against each other and snobbery.

And people wonder why I like the simple trout so much.

A wee pike - they don't get much smaller..

Those people that follow me on twitter know that I have been out and about – I even hit a loch at around 0500 in the morning for Pike and then had to wander around for an hour until it was actually light enough for the beasts to see the fly – it then turned out as it had been unseasonably warm the place was stuffed full of horrible green goo – not that the beasts minded they were quite happy splashing about in it – my flies were not so happy at dragging the stuff back in.

Talking of being weird weather – I notice that Summer has now well and truly departed and we are left with good old fashioned Autumn weather – raining and windy! What the heck happened to Summer that is what I want to know – I sear it gets shorter and shorter every year.

Talking of the years flying by – the boy was waving around my Pike outfit down at the local canal the other day ..

What is that all about – feels like he was born a week ago or something…to be fair the old Loop Pike Booster is a 9 weight so I think going gently on the lack of double hauling power is allowed..

Anyway – this was just a quick post to let you guys know I am still in the land of fishingdom – two trips planned this week – possibly a Salmon trip (potential doom factor code red) and a Trout trip on Friday (potential joy factor code green)

Ta Ta!


  1. Andy C · September 14, 2010


  2. alan atkins · September 14, 2010

    The problem is that you REALLY need to catch a salmon Alistair !! Then , and only then , will you fully understand what drives anglers to spend many fishless hours affter the silver ones. There are some lovely quiet stretches of the Kelvin that givwen the right height should provide great sport away from the crowds. Trout fishing is all well and good, but , in my opinion, it just doesn’t come close in termws of satisfaction and achievement when catching a salmon or sea trout. There’s something veyr special about their elusiveness that just can’t be matched by other species. Just my opinion mind, but I’m sure you’ll get the bug when you finally catch one. Conditions over the next few days should be as good as it gets and the main runs should start to appear any day now, so why not put in the effort ansd time and reap the rewards !!

  3. Wade · September 14, 2010

    Top water pike action seems a bit slow for this time of year.

  4. Alistair · September 14, 2010

    Where have you been fishing wade?
    I think I may be heading out tomorrow for some pike action 🙂

  5. Wade · September 14, 2010

    At the spot battling the snot slime. Maybe with the water being so warm this year they’re a little late turning on the pre-winter feed. Or maybe they are just not eating at dawn or dusk. maybe a brunch trip is needed. May try another late afternoon evening today if the wind isn’t howling to bad. We have had a great summer of trout fishing the Endrick river this summer.

  6. Alistair · September 14, 2010

    I am just back from the spot and it is very high – only fished a few hours and blanked – pretty windy as well – guys on the other side were getting them on plugs I think !

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