Just for fun I entered myself into the OSSCAS competition . = Organic Shadows SITE CONTENT Awards.

Here is a little blurb

There are so many competitions going on around the place that are focussed on design and layout that we thought it might be a good idea to do a backflip, twist to the left and jump down the road of content as opposed to design.

So without further ado, we present the Organic Shadows SITE CONTENT Awards, hereby known as the OSSCAS

What the F$CK we hear you say….

Yes that’s right, we are only interested in content. This may include images of course because some content is hinged on graphical inclusion, but how it is presented does not interest us one iota.

Lets face facts, I pretty much knew I was never going to win any awards for design……yes, yes very droll I can hear you muttering about the crap content as well but seeing as how I have the only actuall fly fishing diary/blog in the competition I may win something by default!!

The winners are announced towards the end of the week.