The newsletter and a cut short session due to working!!

Members will be receiving the usual newsletter from the Association over the next few days. At the last committee meeting we spent a while stuffing them into envelopes and putting little address stickers on them. Its funny but as I was sticking on the stickers I recognised a fair few names, and oddly there were a number of women down as members but I have never actually seen any fishing. Oh no, I tell a lie I met one young women who was fishing bait with her boyfriend, they did not have permits (just had to get that in).
You will see that I also wrote a little ditty for the newsletter, I was asked ages ago and rustled up something, I wonder if I will get some more regular readers for the blog, who knows I might even meet more Kelvin anglers 
I am a wee bit nervous of people reading what is in the newsletter actually; I don’t know why as in the last year this blogs readership has spiked to pretty impressive numbers. I like my anonymity I suppose as I can be pretty shy around people for the first few times I meet them (it always annoys people when it turns out that even though I joke about falling over and generally being a bit loopy they don’t actually think I am being serious)
When I meet people down the Kelvin I don’t tell them about the website or blog, it’s a different matter if they bring it up in which case they know its me anyway (usually I fall over as I am walking up to them so they definitely know its me)

Speaking of which, I went down to the Kelvin yesterday and had a most enjoyable couple of hours with some acrobatic trout. It seems that every year at this time the trout when caught seem to jump about like crazy. I also had some good success with my small CDC flies, after getting pretty pissed off at them I have now actually started to catch on them. I suppose its all down to fishing confidently with a fly that you trust.

I have taken a picture of the new sign put up for the “Friends of Dawsholm Park” I thought it would be interesting to watch how long it lasts before someone spray-paints “Kelly luvs joe” or some such on it.

I was fishing this little run (I had switched to a parachute as it was pretty streamy) and annoyingly pricked 3 fish. One of them felt real nice as well.

I am now determined to get in as much fishing as possible before the season ends, I will be starting a new job quite soon (cunningly worked out for the end of the season although not intentionally) so know that next year I will not have the same fishing opportunities as the last 3 years. Although to be honest, at least now I will not be stressed out my head trying to get essays done.