The Kelvins a bloody mess!!

Someone left a messege on my guestbook..They were saying when its gone its gone talking about the river and the wildlife around it.
Even though the river has come on in leaps and bounds the river still looks like a shite hole. I got a mail from a guy who was visiting from Canada last week. I was supposed to meet up with him for a fish and a chat as he was going to be in Glasgow for a conference but things being the way they are I couldnt make it. One of the things that he expressed suprise about was the state of the river. He said that he couldnt believe it was so full of rubbish as my photos made out…….boy did he sure get a shock when he realised that yes it is full of junk.
People like Friends of the River Kelvin do a lot of good work in the river and so do a lot of the anglers but i cant help feel that its a lost cause without the backing of the council. The council are forever selling off out nice green land and dont seem interested in actually looking after the river.
Great progress has been made in the kelvin but I cant help but think that something has got to happen or the progress is going to slow and stop…………and probably start going backwards because of some crazy developer wanting to build flats on the banks of the river.