The Kelvin alas….

The Kelvin, alas, is still out of action after all that rain.

So last Sunday was a bit of a non starter when it came to trout rising and flies hatching. I mean the water had settled from the day before- a little lower and clearer but there was very little action. I just took my time picking up the odd small trout whenever I seen one rise.
I watched Mike for a while expertly picking up what looked like a nice Grayling which I thought was one of many but turned out to be one of few.
I enjoyed just working my way up a little pool like this one making sure that every little pocket of water was being covered, I would say that once every 10-15 casts I might have got an offer at my fly, it was iether on or off….usually off !

This weekend we are heading for a small river we have never fished before and then to my other fave river on Sunday.