The fool I am !

So just what the monkeys have I been doing?
Well, I have had two sessions fishing, one was down at my other river and one was on the tributary that I fish. In fact I would hardly call it a session as it was the first time that I have actually went fishing and only cast once- and that was only because I felt as if I had to, he fact that I had just slid through a nettle bush to actually get to the river had a little something to do with it. The reason I never had a cast was because it was just too damn low, there was very little water in it. I decided to walk down to the pool where it meets the Kelvin proper and got chatting toa couple of guys bait fishing for Salmon. As we were chatting a salmon of around 10lb head and tailed out of the water- most impressive. When I think about it that salmon was the first live one I have ever actually seen with my own eyes.
I mean I have seen dead ones, like this…
dead salmon
…but never an actual live one. The two guys were kidding me on about coming down with a “flying c” and you know, the thought actually crossed my mind. Of course what I should have done was turn back immediately and fish the vet school, ah the fool I am !!