The Clyde!

My other half was taking part in the Glasgow half marathon and as i was walking from place to place to wave her on my path was taken along the banks of the Clyde right in the middle of glasgow. There was a heron sitting in the middle of the River and as i gazed into the water i see a large shoal of BARBEL swimming right in close to the edge. The biggest i would estimate to be around 5-6lb and the smallest was probably no smaller than 3-4lb.
A really good sign for the centre of Glasgow i would say.

Ohhhhh If only it were a Salmon I had seen this year!!!

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  1. jon · September 7, 2003

    hi was fishing the clyde on thursday with spinrod and flying condom red
    and got 2 fish 1 got away but i got a big salmon it was so big with a big red belly
    was fishing same spot 2 day got a bite but lost it πŸ™ my first fish and it was a atlantic
    salmon πŸ˜€ jon

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