Tenuous Fishing Photos 9/52

I had to attend some training the other day in Clydebank – for those that do not know Clydebank is a pretty major town on the banks of the River Clyde of which the Kelvin is a tributary.

Anyway, I was walking towards my destination and two fully grown deer datrted out across the road.

There is one deer in this picture - can you see it?

It was a lovely experience and made my day.

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4 comments to Tenuous Fishing Photos 9/52

  • Stuart B

    You seeing things Alistair ? I can see no deer in that pic ? What bit of Clydebank is that ?…is it up the top near Cochno Rd?

  • The deer is between the two lamposts – you can see its white tufty tail.

    It is down at the Golden Jibilee hospital .

  • Stuart B

    I’ll believe you ..lol

  • Jim Burns

    Alistair, have seen the deer down on the old railway bed when delivering to the new houses as you turn right at the bungalow in the photo.They pop up in the weirdest places.