Tenuous fishing photos 52/52 – a walk in the park (last post of 2010)

So a few photos instead of just one seeing as how keeping up with simply posting one photo per week has been anything but a walk in the park – seeing as how I actually went for a walk in the park today (Hogmanay or New Years Eve to non Scots) I felt I could get in the last photo of the year – and cheat shamelessly by posting a few.

Anyway – as last days of the year goes it was pretty dreich – the snow has now left us and the temp has risen above freezing. It was nice to get out for a walk in Kelvingrove Park after a quick scoot around Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

I am always kinda disheartened when I see the Kelvin during the winter as quite frankly it looks bloody depressing with litter and general shite lying around the place.

A locked gate - this is not the tenuous photo...

The lack of vegetation shows up the true urban feel of the place – like this fence above – usually it kinda blends into the background – at the moment it sticks out like a sore thumb.

But still – there are parts of the river that look lovely if you squint the right way.

Squint - this is not the tenuous photo!

Anyway – we walked up to the Snow Bridge – so called as in years gone by folk used to use the gates to dump snow in the river. We walked down to the main weir in the Park – I doubted we would see any Salmon however it was worth a look anyway..

Looking for Salmon - this is not the tenuous photo!

The boy wanted to head off as he had far more important things on his mind…

Oh why not - this is th 52/52 Tenuous photo..

I hope you have enjoyed reading my diary this year – things sure have changed a lot since I started writing it all those years ago. Come 2011 I will complete a proper review of the last year – until then I hope you have a good one!

See you in 2011 – I raise my goblet of wine to you!