Tenuous fishing photos 43/52

The last day of the season is upon us – not the proper trout one – the funky salmon one!
Today was kinda planned out a week or so ago – a few pals and I were supposed to go fishing and then retire to a house for some bevy ! As the date got closer this plan started to change due to the enormous rain cloud heading our way which was going to ensure the river was out of action.
The rain came last night and it poured down – there appeared to be a new tributary running down great western road and the byres road was totally flooded – I was on a night out and was soaked by a bus driver and then a learner driver!
Shoes are now still drying off!
So today I have came out for a walk with the boy – as usual picture quality not great as it has been taken with my HTC hero but hey it means I get to send this from the river bank !
This is the mighty slush in full force !


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  1. darren whyte · October 30, 2010

    i wouldnt like to go don that on a canoe thats for sure.

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