Tenuous fishing photos 34,35,36,37,38, 39 & 40/52

How crap am I at keeping to my own schedule of a photo a week? Answers on a postcard…

The irony is that people who follow me on Twitter do actually get a photo per week (usually) – so what I should do is just try and combine the two and post the photos from twitter over here.

So lets do that shall we!

34/52 Sitting on the john in work looking at Salmon

35/52 The boy is a natural..

36/52 The spiders were out looking for some sex

37/52 A really cool snail

38/52 a tiny snail...

39/52 I had a take from a fair Jack here

40/52 Some guy I met by the river..

Phew – and that is me up to date.

I swear to the wee man I am actually going to be on time for the last 12 weeks!

If I am not someone poke me or something!