Tenuous Fishing Photos 22 & 23/52

Yes -they are bloody missing – people can stop emailing me about it. For those not in the know my tenuous fishing photo project was a picture a week of something vaguely to do with my fishing – more often than not it was something that stopped me from going fishing – seeing as how I have actually been fishing over the last few weeks I have managed to…..um…forget to post them.

So here is two in one post and I will post this weeks later on this week.

Anyhoo – the first is from a trip to Loch  Lomond Shores and its scandalously priced Aquarium SEA LIFE Centre where they state such things as “Fisherman kill otters for their coats” – personally I do not know any “fisherman” that kill otters for their coats – their hats maybe, but never their coats – I wanted to point out the inaccuracy of the statement however warning looks from dearly beloved told me I had better shut up.

Anyway – they keep lots of fish in tiny wee tanks – like these Pike which kept on looking longingly at all the other tanks with fish in them..

"Now look carefully boy - you want one that can eat this one!"

The 2nd picture is from the Kelvin – I was down with Atkins the other night and came across this inflatable raft – sometimes those jolly fun and right on students have some jolly japes in the river with a boat – they do not bother to take it home with them – they would rather leave it for some kid or drunk to drown in.

Stabbing it with a knife was almost too good for it

Right – aside from this weeks I am now up to date with the tenuous fishing photos – you can see more tenuous fishing photos here


  1. Stuart B · June 14, 2010

    You could have taken it home and sold it on Gumtree !!! lol

  2. Andy C · June 14, 2010

    nice pic of the pike

  3. Alistair · June 14, 2010

    I never even thought of that Stuart – I reckon they must have been running the river as I was up in Maryhill tonight fishing and found a couple of paddles.

    Andy – you should have seen the big fat brownies they had on display – they were huuuuuuuge – almost as big as the Pike – they looked like they were fed on sausages!


  4. Andy C · June 14, 2010

    do they get there fish from the loch or do they get them from a farm somewhere?. the last time i was there [its opening day] they didnt even have pike on show i have seen the big brown troot they r huuuuuuge pitty u cant fish 4 them in there lol

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