Tenuous Fishing Photos 18/52

Weekly tenuous photo:

Like something from the Bible

This was a hatch of sedge on the 5th May late afternoon – it is tenuous as the trout did not even glance at them!

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  1. Classic blanket hatch…in some rivers fish even feed during these mass ascensions. It’s a classic event in many rivers in the US. Also known as the Mothersday Caddis Hatch. Check out http://www.Arkanglers.com, the Arkansas river in Salida Co, is a garnd place to be at this time of year. Size 14 black foam caddis and a copper john trailer in an 18. Good times….

  2. Even though it may be common classic event, it still amazes me when I see it happen. No fishies to be seen? Maybe a clear indication they are well fed and fat.

    Next week I’m headed out for a 3 day fishing trip with a buddy. I’ll send pics and reports when I get back.

    On another note, will the voting today affect your fishing? 😉

  3. Chuck it is an epic event. the trout in teh kelvin are not that fat pr particularly well fed in my experience….

  4. Another massive hatch this afternoon. Again the fish were not interested. I spent 3 hours trying everything and did not get a touch. Thankfully I decided to have one last chuck and caught a nice 9″ fish!

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