Tenuous Fishing Photos 1/52

It’s an envelope *…

A Mystery Envelope?

This was a Christmas present from my Sister n’ Law – as you can see she put a lot of effort into wrapping the contents – to be honest I am glad – I would rather someone spent the extra couple of pounds on themselves rather than wrapping paper – in this case they spent the extra couple of pounds on the contents of the envelope – a selection of mighty fine deer hair from none other than Steve Cooper – It was probably the only fishy present I received from a relative and it is definitely the best one.

*with this kind of content the visitors will be flooding in.


  1. Stuart B · January 3, 2010

    That was very nice of her …It’s good when folk give you something that they have given some consideration to …

    …now if I was one of them folk who are paranoid about personal details being given out ( like those folk who won’t disclose sort codes and account numbers but will happily send cheques out.) I might take you to task about (almost) giving out your S I L’s address but I’m not… lol

  2. Allan · January 3, 2010

    Great Xmas pressie to receive. I expect to see pics on the blog with hooks and deer hair attached.
    Like the idea if the tenuous fishing photos. To be honest I’m certain that all us fishermen will not go through any given day without thinking of something connected with fishing. I’m certain you will have no problem finding 52 photos of tenuous links to your passion

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