Sweet Pike T-Shirt!

So I was on the lookout for a new gym T Shirt as I want to get myself back in shape after Christmas – I also want to be in tip top condition for the coming season – all that casting and walking can take it out of one you know. Anyway, you’ve got to feel the part when you are working out and you have got to look forward to getting your gear on for the mammoth sweat session ahead of you. Consequently I wanted something that I would feel right at home in – surprise surprise I managed to track down a fishing T Shirt (wife rolls eyes)- there really is not a lot of them out there you know – this one is rather tastefully decorated with a Pike instead of Nike – classy – sometimes it is the simple things that really tickle my fancy.


Anyway, I have ordered mine and am in hot anticipation of its arrival – I can just see the envious looks I will be getting as I pound the treadmill or when I am half way through my 1000th squat thrust. People will be eyeing the crazy pike T Shirt guy and I will eye ball em’ back while completing my set of star jumps.

You can buy em’ for £17.99 (and that is including postage) through Dominic’s lovely little site. Turns out he is a writer as well – I read one of his articles many moons ago in Pike & Predators magazine on Canal Pike – I think it was the article that inspired me to go after them – well, if not inspired then at least it gave me a bit of hope.

Anyway, too make a bob or two besides writing he sells these T – Shirts as well as Pike rigs and Pike flies, a lot cheaper than your usual high street prices. Go and check his shop out – oh and when you buy your Pike T-Shirt ask him to make one with the Pike chasing a fly – he will do it I am sure if enough people buy one, which is why I am keeping a permanent link on the left hand side!

Disclaimer: May not encourage weight loss or extreme coolness in gym. I believe Pike T-Shirt can be used for other activities – fishing being one of them.


  1. SimonGraham · February 11, 2009

    Amazing, I asked Dom a few months ago too show these of and even the boys at “Fishing fury” are doing the same now as well…….didn’t know he made them XXXL Alistair!
    Is he charging you more for having a larger logo printed on it as well? : )

    SimonGraham’s last blog post..Double pike streamer

  2. Alistair · February 11, 2009

    I am assuming you are talking about the size of my rippling biceps and manly pecs rather than my wobbly tummy 🙂

    I have never seen that site before – I need to check it out further !

  3. SimonGraham · February 11, 2009

    Off course I was talking about your pecs mate….not!
    and the lads at fishing fury although Canadian have a damn good blog going.there is always something interesting in the world of fishing going on in there site.maybe not always fly-fishing but there is something for everyone.

    SimonGraham’s last blog post..Double pike streamer

  4. Jim · February 11, 2009

    Why dont you get some cool Urban Fly Fisher T’s done? Plenty places now where you just upload an image and folk can order direct from them. They’re a little dearer than store prices usually but it’s free for you to set up and if no-one else want’s one… to hell with them LOL
    I can help with the image if needed.

  5. Alistair · February 11, 2009

    I may well take you up on that offer Jim – design is not really my strong point:-)

    I had made some mugs however never really promoted them – I wonder if anyone would buy one!

  6. Andy C · February 11, 2009

    i think you should only get 1 of they tshirts if you have had a 20lber lol and i would b up 4 the mug

  7. Jim · February 11, 2009

    I’d buy a T-shirt, as long as it had a shopping trolley or burnt out car on it somewhere LOL
    Mug’s no good to me though, I’m like the late Brooks Mileson…. I get all my liquid needs from Orange Lucozade.

  8. Alistair · February 11, 2009

    Got my Pike T-Shirt through the post today – it is coooooooooooooool as!!

  9. philip · February 11, 2009

    Cool tee, I will be ordering mine soon.

    philip’s last blog post..Fly Fishing Home

  10. Loop Fly Fishing · February 11, 2009

    Great Shirt! We are chomping at the bit here to get started, although we have yet to thaw out here in Hokkaido, Japan. The trout are calling my name.

    Love the blog and have added it to my regularly visited list.

  11. Rex | Aqua Design · February 11, 2009

    Would the shirt be pronounced “Pike-ee?”

    Rex | Aqua Design’s last blog post..To Catch More Fish, Disappear

  12. Alistair · February 11, 2009

    Hi Rex – think it is more a visual trick 😉

    Had a look at your aqua design clothes – they look pretty sweet !

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