Sunday at the Salmon Ladder…

The clocks went back on Saturday night meaning I was up even earlier on Sunday – I was instructed to leave the house with the boy so decided that a trip to the Salmon ladder in Milngavie was in order – let me stop you right there before you get all excited n’ stuff – I never seen any Salmon!

A distinct lack of the silver stuff!

I mean – you would have thought I would have, the burn was high and had a good amount of water coming over the falls – it was only when I walked down the burn did I notice that even though it was at a good height it was not in spate or anything – more “just a good height”

No expense spared - thanks East Dunbartonshire Council...

It was weird – I mean there was a fair amount of water coming down but when I walked down the burn (I was actually headed to a play park) I reckoned it was up a foot..

Up a foot - what is that white stuff?

The extra water created some lovely deep looking pools and long dry fly ripples – the water was gin clear as well. It reminded me of when I first fished the Allander when I was about 12 or 13 – my Mother and Father had took me down to fish it – I was using a worm and the river was in full spate – I got talking to another boy who got a take and it took him under the bank – I was amazed – I think at this point I had till never actually caught anything – it was probably one of my fist times out fishing with an outfit that had been bought from a catalogue – it came with a swim feeder!

Anyway – after the park I headed back to the fish pass to not see any fish again..

They could have been sly Ninja fish...

The boy dropped his balloon in the river and I pretended to try and catch it in case anyone was watching – secretly I wanted to see it go down the falls but the damn thing bobbed about at the top – we threw stones at it however it refused to burst – we cruised off to a local DIY store and I spent the afternoon putting a new roof on my shed.


  1. darren whyte · October 31, 2010

    was that you seeking out some new trout pools for the upcoming season… i bet you were..

  2. Alistair · October 31, 2010

    Let’s just say I enjoyed scoring some new pools!

  3. darren whyte · October 31, 2010

    aw well new pools means more fish.. hopefully..

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