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OK – so the official site is coming along nicely although I have ran out of a bit of steam – Oh sure, I am still plodding away with the \”serious stuff\” however I want you guys to remember that there is a photo gallery over there. 

Now – I would like all Kelvininators (I love the sexy industrial sound of it) to put the word about that I would like to add some more photos to the photo gallery. 

The gallery is for any Kelvin Fisher to submit their hero shot  for everyone to see – the site states:

Without the fish in the river we would have no future, consequently it makes sense to show some restraint before killing any fish. Please do not hesitate to take the odd fish for the table however stories have circulated about people killing fish indiscriminately. Conservation of our river should be first and foremost in our minds. 

We recommend carrying a camera so that your fish can be returned alive to the water and your hero shot then displayed in our gallery

I think that is pretty self explanatory!


Go forth and be snap happy – submit over here: