Stress Relief

A two day migraine Thursday and Friday followed by a rather snazzy ocular migraine on the Saturday due to sleep deprivation, selling house (and packing up house), preparing for a job interview plus the usual work related stress stuff left me wanting a simple fishing experience on the Sunday.  Consequently the Kelvin was hit by Jim Burns and I in the hope of tempting some rising trout into some action on Sunday.

I enjoyed trying out the new steps set int the wall.

I enjoyed trying out the new steps set int the wall.

Jim was unlucky, every time we got to a pool we would spot a trout rising and I would give him the first bash at it so that I could get an action shot..

Go catch that fish so that I can take your picture!

Go catch that fish so that I can take your picture!

Of course what would happen is that it was always the trickiest damned cast anyone could take. While he was busy trying to get into position or attempting to remove his fly from some overhanging tree branches I would saunter down and catch a few easy ones.

The White House Pool

The White House Pool – we are an imaginative lot!

It was strange actually as the day was overcast and warm however every now and again we would feel a blast of cold in our faces. There were olives coming off in only a few spots in the West End and we just could not figure it out. We walked up the river to a long slow pool where we usually see risers and saw nothing, eventually Jim did catch a fish.

We found a grave!

We found a grave!

I caught a few trout, this was one of the good ones…



We ended up heading up the river and it was shite and cold. I got home and was then hit with a weird 12 hour bug that left me shivering, sleepy and wanting to vomit.


Today (Tuesday) however was a different ball game, hot sunshine and it actually felt kinda like summer. I ventured down to my local stretch to meet a couple of guys just packing up. One of the guys I recognised and he told me all he had caught were a lot of half pounders. Now, a half pound trout is in fact a reasonably sized river trout so I really do not see a reason to complain.

I walked to the river and did not see any rising trout whatsoever. I walked up and down several hundred yards of water, had a few speculative casts where I thought I saw a dimple and looked at the trees.

Leaves on the trees!

Leaves on the trees!

Unforgettably, I caught absolutely bugger all and disturbed a couple in their twenties  involved in some kind of covert sex act. The bloke looked even more glum as I walked past them a second time scanning the river for rising trout. 

He should have been happy as at least he was getting some action on the riverbank.








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  1. Craigie · May 7, 2013

    Similar experience myself this evening Alistair – up and down the Balmore stretch with nothing to show despite the warmth and a fair few flies around. Took a run down to the Kelvindale Road Bridge as well just before the darkness and nothing moving there either. Seemed strange – maybe just too early yet after the harder winter? Alternatively I might have jinxed it with the new rod/reel combo. Beautiful evening to be out though – I’ll take a few more of those!

  2. Robert Macpherson · May 7, 2013

    Sounds like a great day out on the kelvin , need to get up there myself , where do you buy a permit for the kelvin ?

  3. Alistair · May 7, 2013

    Hey Craigie, funny that I thought maybe later they might come on. I reckon we are still a few weeks behind though. I only spotted a few olives in the hour or so I was there though. There are some big trout up balmore way !

    You can pick up a permit in the glasgow angling centre or a trout fly only from

  4. StephenM · May 7, 2013

    I was out for a spot of late evening fishing last night and there wasn’t much happening, I only manged to catch one small troot. Fly life was minimal, and I even drove to a spot which proved fairly reliable last year and it was dead even into the pitch darkness – It’s a bizarre feeling being yourself, in almost pitch black, casting as the bats are buzzing about your head

  5. Alistair · May 7, 2013

    Nice to see the bats out I bet ? Was it still warm at dusk ?

  6. StephenM · May 7, 2013

    Remarkably it was 17 degrees when I got back to the car at 10pm, with the temps I was expecting some bumper action but it never materialised. Earlier on I was elsewhere on the river and a couple of late teenage/ early 20’s lassies decided to muck about in the river in front of me. Breeks stripped off and a bit of paddle then one of them slips gets wet, and before you know it her kegs are whipped off and floating by me!!

  7. StuartB · May 7, 2013

    Hmmm..Those steps up the wall look a bit of a challenge ( not clear how high the wall is though ) …a length of chain secured to the fence would help

  8. Fishtec Tackle · May 7, 2013

    Sounds like you chose an unfortunate day there A’? The fishing down south over the weekend was much the same though, I fished the Taff high up the river and only managed three fish myself. It seemed the fish were dormant even with some Olive, March Browns and the odd Brook Dunn about. We really need some rain down here, the rivers are lower than summer mean and don’t look too health!


  9. Alistair · May 7, 2013

    That was clearly an invitation Stephen !

  10. Jim Burns · May 7, 2013

    Alistair and Stephen you guys get all the luck. After work yesterday stopped off at the river to check permits of a couple of guys fishing all had their permits made sure the bloke fishing the tidal pool was safe and knew of the dangers of that stretch. Think his name was Brian. George told me about a problem with a sewage pipe up at the Butney stretch. Had a look today and yes there has been a problem and work being carried out on it. You said you had a bug Alistair.