Spain, A Fly Fishing Paradise?

Now that Brexit has finally hit us you would think that we do not actually like our friends on the continent. Nothing could be further from the truth especially when they have such good fishing on offer.

I was contacted by Adrian over at Pyrenees Fly Fishing and asked if I would write something and post some info that they sent me about their guiding business. I decided to say yes as he said he would also send me some Spanish dry flies and perdigone nymphs which I was inrigued about.

They sent me over the gear as well as some info on their setup and it looks fantastic. They have a specific type of trout called a zebra trout which I had never heard of before and of course if you are going on holiday with family there is something to keep them entertained as well: landscapes, culture, art, history and gastronomy. A destination designed for anglers and their families.

Pyrenees Fly Fishing is a Spanish fly fishing company of guides that offers tours for anglers and personalised experiences for companions in the north of Spain. Ricardo, head guide of this family business, says that Spain is the dream destination for those couples or groups of friends who want to do different things (some like fly fishing, hiking, cultural visits, gastronomy…), but staying together in one place.

He told me that these are the strengths as a destination:

The Spanish Pyrenees, a paradise for fishing: the sunny side of
the Pyrenees
 is one of the best kept and preserved treasures in
Europe. In its rivers, streams and lakes there are exceptional
populations of trout. On the other hand, the local population hardly fishes, which is why the rivers are not under any kind of pressure. It should also be noted that due to the weather conditions, it is the ideal destination for dry fly.

The Zebra trout, a living fossil unique in the world: the famous
Zebra trout is a variety of brown trout unique to the Mediterranean
basin. This brown trout resisted the last glaciation, surviving
relictly in many rivers in eastern Spain and France. Its side stripes
are characteristic.

In addition you can enjoy fishing for the brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout and barbel.

Art, culture and history: can you imagine a trip in which you can visit the Sagrada Familia, the Park Güell, attend a flamenco show, visit castles and
Romanesque villages while enjoying fly fishing in the Pyrenees and finish the trip by visiting the most important museum of contemporary art in Europe, the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

Wines and gastronomy by the river: Spain is known for its wines, paella and excellent Mediterranean diet. On guided fishing days Ricardo wants you to taste this varied culture and way of preparing dishes. Therefore, every day the guides will prepare a gourmet picnic by the river or will take you to visit some rustic country house. Authentic and experienced local chefs will surprise you with their cuisine full of influences and history.

Landscapes and National Parks: only a few privileged people have authorization to drive on restricted access tracks in the Pyrenees, allowing you and the guide to reach places where others do not have access. This way you can enjoy fishing in places of great beauty located next to National Parks.

Ernest Hemingway “The Sun Also Rises”: this famous Nobel Prize winner of literature was one of the first foreign fishermen to explore the Pyrenees. In his journals he indicates “that fishing in the Pyrenees is the
most spectacular in Europe”.

As you may have noticed, there are many reasons why Spain is one of the most fashionable destinations for travel and fishing lovers.

If you are interested in having Ricardo as your host you can contact him at:

  • Through their website
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 0034653081173

I am sure Ricardo and his team of guides will help you with every detail of the trip and will work hard to offer you a unique and personalized experience in the “Sunny Face of the Pyrenees”.


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