Small Stream Fun!

So yesterday I went fishing on one of the tributories of the Kelvin.
It was great dry fly water with long pools with little riffles, lots of fly life with trout rising. I lost count of the fish that I caught and returned. It is not too popular with people bait fishing iether as it is quite shallow and the fish tend to be small. I used my little 3wt but forgot to put some wax on the ferules which meant that every now and then they would slip off producing some comedy moments.
Later I telephoned the old ball n chain to pick me up as we were having people around for a meal and walked up the river a little. It got quite deep and slow but there were fish rising…….the banks were steep with dense vegetation at iether side. I should not have cast…..but come on there were fish rising and i had a few moments before my lift came………..what would you have done???
I cast…….I cast again…… on…..AAAggggrhh!!! it was darting about all over the place and then it got the tippet tangled in the vegetation. It produced a puzzled time of me attached to a stick in the water with the fish attached to that. Eventually I had to haul on my tippet, grab hold of the stick and then the fish……..release!!

I possibly might go again today for a couple of hours!!