1. Alan Atkins · March 1, 2006

    Alistair, thoughtn you might be interested in this nice looking nymph for the start of the season, i have had good results with this used with the duo method. Try it with a waterhen bloa fished in the film. The nymph is as follows :

    Size 14, 16 hooks, tail- pheasant tail fibres
    Body – fine lead wire
    over body – pheasant tail
    Rib- Copper wire
    Hackle – Waterhen
    Thread – Yellow

    I like to build up a nice bead of a head with the yellow thread, very effective when march browns or the first of the olives are about !!

  2. Alistair · March 1, 2006

    Hey Alan,

    Thanks for the pattern. By the way do you ever see March Browns on the Kelvin?


  3. Alan Atkins · March 1, 2006

    Good question, i have seen them on the Clyde and Avon, but ones that i have seen on then Kelvin are false march browns, i think. I studied entomology while working as acountryside ranger for 5 years, but mainly sampled mayfly and stonefly nymphs on the Forth and Lenny. The March Brown, and false march brown are difficult to distinguish,and, like most things, i don’t know everything. The pattern i have suggested will perform well where march browns ( false or otherwise ) are present. It also does a great job of representing a whole raft of other nymphs : with most of the olives included. At this time of year a good all rounder often outfishes an exact match. The fish are hungry after the lean times during the winter , and i have found this works well early on, give it a go and let me know

  4. Alan Atkins · March 1, 2006

    Don’t know to be honest. I ‘ve seen them on the Clyde and Avon, but they may have been false march browns.I studies entomology for 5 years while working as a countryside ranger and mainly sampled the Forth and Lenny for stone and mayfly nymphs. I know what i know and bits and pieces of other families but i am no expert. This patetrn i found worked well when the first of the olives appear as well any march browns ( false or otherwise)that may be present.Give it a go and see how you get on,let me know. I like to fish it with a waterhen bloa onthe dropper , fished semi dry, see you on the river on opning day ?

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