Small Stream Adventure

So Im gagging to get out and do some river fishing. Today I talked my future mother in law in to stopping so I could have a gander at a tributory. It looked nice….and more to the point it looked not muddy…like the kellie just now..
soooooo muddy
It still looked kinda peaty but ok for the fly….i seen some juvinile trout shooting off so I know they are their!
What I will do is start down at the vet school and hike the way up to where the it goes in to the kellie and then start a bit of small stream action

The good thing about that is that there will/should be few people far and wide….tricky casting too…small stream all the way!!
With a bit of luck everything should go according to plan…..I have untill next Thursday to fo a bit of fishing and then im offsky for a few weeks…
Im getting my reading material in order as well..ive already read A River Runs Through It and Other Stories but its another book Im going to take away and read….its fantastic. I know most people have seen the film but if you have not then its a must…. a book that is the bizz


Oh incidentally……if anyone fancies coming with me i will most probably going on Monday morningish…….just mail me through the links on the right…where it says mail me…..dont forget to remove the (nospam) part. Just remmember that the chances are we will catch no fish but it will be a nice walk anyway!!